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Russian Serviceman Killed In Argun 2001-11-11 02:23:00
Russian Serviceman Killed In Argun
Updated 09.11.2001 at 23:07:25

Russian Serviceman Killed In Argun

Russia's federal forces have lost one serviceman in a battle against rebels in the town of Argun last night, Interfax news agency reported. A day before a special military operation was launched in Argun to track down criminals who attempted the life of Chechen administration head Akhmad Kadyrov.

Kadyrov's motorcade came under fire in Argun on Tuesday. The attackers used ruins as an ambush and then managed to escape.

Chechen rebels managed to encircle one group of Russia's special police forces. The Russian artillery came to the rescue and blocked the rebels in the town centre. Rebels' loses have not been specified.

Russia withdrew its troops from Chechnya in 1996, but the army returned in September 1999, after incursions by Chechen rebels into neighbouring Dagestan and the deaths of some 300 people in apartment bombings that Russian officials blamed on rebels.

More than two years into so-called "anti terrorist" campaign, Moscow has established nominal control over the republic, but its troops come under regular attack from Chechen rebels who have split up into small groups hiding in mountains.

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